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#138 [3/3]: Share your completed courses on LinkedIn

This is our 3rd and final tutorial on, if you’ve missed the others take a look at

#130 [1/3]: Introducing! Your online library of IT training videos and #134 [2/3]: Sharing videos and creating playlists can be used to help enhance the employability of our students. If they need to demonstrate CAD, Photoshop, Excel or other skills to future employers, then why not encourage them to link their completed courses through to their LinkedIn profile? It’s really easy to do and helps to demonstrate that they are keeping their skills up to date.

Obviously this isn’t just one for the students, if you’ve completed a course and think it’ll enhance your profile, why not add it to your LinkedIn page too?

Featured image: “Curriculum Vitae” by the Italian voice licenced under CC BY 2.0

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