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#190 Google My Maps [1/3]: Create customised Google maps

You can create customised Google maps for all sorts of reasons. You might want to use them to simply stop people getting lost, however, you can also add additional text, images and YouTube videos to the various markers. This makes the potential for Google maps as a tool for learning even greater. You can also add various layers onto your maps, to help you to tell a fuller story.

Consider you are discussing with your students the potential effects of global warming. By creating a google map, enriched by video clips, images and text descriptors, you can take them around the world to discover the impact in different locations.

I think there is a lot of potential for google maps to be used creatively as a learning or teaching tool. Why not ask your students to create personalised story maps as an induction exercise? Or create collaborative maps addressing a theme?

There are three videos in this series that will act as a brief introduction to how to set up and share your Google maps.

Featured Image: “map” by Alyson Hurt licenced under CC BY-NC 2.0


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