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#193 mmutube Video Quiz [1/4]: Adding a video quiz

mmutube is MMU‘s video platform for online video management, creation, and collaboration (Kaltura to those of you outside MMU). mmutube has been with us for a while now but its most recent upgrade has added a whole new dimension for new teaching and learning possibilities.

In this four part series, we look at the Video Quiz tool. The video quiz tool allows you to quickly and easily add multiple choice questions (MCQs) to existing podcasts at specific time points within the video. Students are prompted to answer the questions as part of the learning experience, and then you are able to analyse student engagement and understanding of the content through analytic reports. This transforms a passive learning experience into an active one.

Have a look at the first video in our series to get started…


Not an MMU member of staff and don’t have access to Kaltura? Why not take a look at Ed Puzzle? Another way of making video learning active.

Featured image: “Quiz Part One” by heydftba is licenced under CC0 1.0


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