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#203 Eventbrite [2/3]: Creating an event

Following on from the overview, this video takes you through the steps in creating an event and looks at some of the common options.

Featured image: “paper-calendar-planner-pen-606649″ by bphotoart(Pixabay) is licenced under CC0


2 thoughts on “#203 Eventbrite [2/3]: Creating an event

  1. Can I please ask that when producing and specifically recording these useful videos that the sound is on maximum. I really cannot hear what is being said. I have both volume scales (computer and You-tube) turned to maximum and still have great difficulty. I’m not deaf but a little hard of hearing and with working in an open plan office with background noise, even with headphone on it’s a frustrating experience all-round.

    Many thanks.


    1. Hi Jenny,

      Colin replied to you about this issue on Tuesday via email. We have taken your comments on board and we will make sure to check our audio before publishing.

      Thanks for your feedback,



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