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#230 Animate your PowerPoints: Motion paths

Animations can be an extremely powerful way of creating more visually engaging PowerPoints, but be warned, over-doing animations will definitely ruin it! Consider the effect you are trying to achieve and remember that less is sometimes more.

Having said that, adding in some carefully placed animations can help to spice up your presentations. In this video I show you how to add a motion path to an image in PowerPoint.  When you’re preparing your images to animate, don’t forget the ‘remove background’ feature, as this can really help to produce a more professional look.

#24 Pesky image background getting in the way? Remove it! – this video demonstrates the feature in Word, but it is available in PowerPoint too.

Featured Image: “Image from page 9 of “Pinocchio” (1916)” by Internet Archive Book Images licenced under commons


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