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#328 Sway [1/8]: Overview of Sway and getting started

Do you want to funkify your presentations without having to learn something completely new? Sway might be for you! You can adapt your existing PowerPoints into stand alone presentations and embed or share them quickly and easily.

Upload a Powerpoint or Word document and quickly and easily adapt into a Sway presentation. This video sets you on the road with an overview and how you can access Sway.

If you are a Manchester Met colleague, you can access Sway through your OneDrive account. Get in touch with your Faculty TELA if you need help accessing Sway. If you dont work at Manchester Met, then you can also access Sway through your own OneDrive account, sign up for a free account here .

Want to know more about OneDrive, check out this earlier post:

#142 An introduction to OneDrive: Office in the cloud!

Featured image: “Sway” by Jess is licenced under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


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