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#376 Hemingway Editor: Make your writing bold and clear

The Hemingway Editor is a nifty little web based app (there is also a desktop version too) that can help you or your students with any text-based assignment. You simply copy and paste a passage of text into the web page and the app gives you a score based on the readability of your passage. The readability of your passage is based on your use of adverbs, passive voice, and whether there is a simpler and more direct way to make your point. This passage so far has had a readability score of 8 and it also offers room for improvement:

Why not give the Hemingway Editor a go? It may not transform you into a Nobel Prize winner, however, it could be just the ticket to sharpen your writing skills.


Featured image: Released into the public domain by its copyright holder, John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum via Wikimedia Commons

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