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#397 Create customised Quickmark Sets

Quickmarks are a really fast way of putting comments onto a student submission. As the same mistakes tend to crop up multiple times and across multiple students, Quickmarks gives you a great way of building up your own library of comments to use over and again. In this video we explore how to create your own set of Quickmarks. Look out for our future video covering how to export and import sets so you can share with your marking team.

At Manchester Met we’ve recently updated our Turnitin plugin for Moodle, and as such things look a little bit different from when we last covered this topic here at 1minuteCPD hq. For those on an older version of turnitin, check out our original videos on this Turnitin Quickmarks

Feature image: “Stamped” by Ecyrd shared under CC BY-NC 2.0

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