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#406 Medium [4/4]: Some more cool stuff you can do with Medium

Just before you think Medium is just another blogging platform, here are a few cool things that you can do in Medium that makes it an interesting platform to consider for your next teaching, learning and assessment project:

  1. Claps – instead of showing your appreciation for a post with a single like, you can ‘clap’ to show your support for a post (50 per user). This gives a feel for how well the post is received in the community
  2. Using the Import function, you can import a post published elsewhere into Medium – you even have a chance to edit it before making it public. You can therefore use Medium to curate your content from the web in one space
  3. Copy and send the link of your post to someone and they’ll be able to read your draft before you publish (and leave private notes if they have a Medium account). This is really useful for sharing drafts between students / staff and peers.
  4. Once you have created a publication, it is easy for anyone to add their posts to that publication by tagging their post . This is useful if you have a group or class project.

Hopefully our short series on Medium has inspired you to explore further. If so, leave some comments below.




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