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#407 Student emailed you their Turnitin submission? No worries!

Occasionally students will, for whatever reason, not manage to submit their assessment to your Turnitin link. This could be because they have experienced technical difficulties, so have emailed you a copy, or because they submitted the file to the wrong place….luckily it’s quick and easy to submit files on behalf of students to Turnitin (you might not want to advise this to the students however!).

As students also manage to submit the wrong files to Turnitin, we also cover deleting student submissions from Turnitin in this video!

Don’t forget, if the file that they are resubmitting is very close to the original file they submitted, they will get a terrifyingly high originality report score…worth letting the student know so that they don’t panic and you can exclude their original submission from the report to get a more useful score.  

Featured image: “Royal Mail pillar box” by Sarah Joy licened under CC BY-SA 2.0


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