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#465 Gurushots: The Photography Game – Swaps, Autofills and Keys [3/3]

In this final instalment of three posts about GuruShots (catch the first one by clicking here and the second one here) we introduce you to Swaps, Autofills and keys.

Swaps allows you to replace an existing picture (that might only receive a few votes) with another picture.

Autofills work in the same way as voting, except an auto fill will boos your exposure in ALL challenges you currently have photographs entered into.

Keys unlock boosts.  Boosts allow you to select a single photograph from a challenge (were more than 1 photograph is uploaded) and gives you an extra exposure.  You’ll see a remarkable boos in votes received.

You can earn swaps, autofills and keys from challenges that you enter (depending on the prizes available).  Alternatively you can purchase swaps, autofills and keys.

Don’t forget you can join Gurushots for free simply by using the link here and you’ll receive some free swaps, autofills and keys by doing so.

Put a hobby to a good use!

Image by Colin McAllister-Gibson is CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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