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#5MinuteReflection 4: Video resources to support student achievement

In this fourth instalment of our monthly #5minutereflection, we will look at Video resources to aid student achievement.

Within the Science and Engineering faculty at Manchester Metropolitan University, we’re now two years into a project, initiated by the faculty PVC, Prof. Andy Gibson, to enhance the range of video support materials (aka screencasts) to support undergraduate students.

Originally 40 units were targeted where I, as the Learning Technologist, worked with unit leaders to produce a range of examination revision screencasts.  This was mainly achieved with the institutions’ video streaming service, Kaltura (Branded as MMUTube) and the Kaltura Desktop recorder.

Using this, academics are able to record their screen and voice and produce a range of helpful and resourceful revision screencasts.

To support academics recording screencasts, over 100 headsets were purchased that were given out to academics so that they were able to record the screencasts.  Training and on-going support is provided by the faculty Learning Technologists.

Two years down the line over 2000 screencasts have now been produced, not just covering examination revision and preparation, but short screencasts providing an overview of the assignment and also a range of screencasts that cover subject core concepts.

Students, during the internal student survey, have commented positively on the use of the screencasts, and where units don’t have screencasts have asked for these to be produced.

Members of the student union, whilst attending the Faculty education committee, have identified that screencasts are perceived as a welcome, additional support for students.

Moving forward the faculty will continue and enhance the offering of screencasts, ensuring that they continue to act as a worthwhile additional support for students.

Whilst there’s still a project in waiting to determine the effect on student achievement, it’s clear from feedback that students do value these valuable resources.

A further project is in its infancy to create higher end demonstration videos, specifically in a lab / workshop environment to shows students how to use lab and workshop equipment.

If you are thinking of embarking on something similar there’s some clear, simple tips –

Start small, provide support and resources and create a simple, effective workflow for academics to follow.

Additional information, links to research and practice can be found by clicking on this link.

Image is CC0 courtesy of Pixabay




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