#5MinuteReflection 8: Using a micro-learning approach to develop RLOs for teaching and professional development

This is an excerpt from a post that was originally published on Medium, in the publication Integrated Interdisciplinary Innovations in Healthcare Sciences

In this month’s instalment of our monthly #5minutereflection, we will look at the work I have been doing at The University of Manchester on using a micro-learning approach to develop RLOs for teaching and professional development.

The i3HS Hub is a multidisciplinary project to promote teaching and research across disciplines for population health benefit through data sciences. Within the Hub, our aim is to create innovative, interdisciplinary, reusable learning objects (RLOs) for teaching and professional development. A RLO is a small, self-contained, digital resource that addresses a specific learning objective and can be reused in a variety of contexts and learning situations.

One strand of RLOs are micro-learning materials in the style of #1minuteCPD. You can read more about how the idea came about here. The Hub is using this approach to create high quality micro-learning resources that are reusable, innovative, learner-centric and multi-disciplinary in design. In general, the smaller or more granular a resource, the greater the possibility of it being reused in another context and the greater its capacity to support flexible, lifelong learning. This approach can also help target the development of digital literacies among the health and social care workforce in response to the big healthcare challenges raised by the Topol Report on preparing the healthcare workforce to deliver the digital future.

Why 1 minute?

On its own, a minute is a fraction of time that we often don’t pay much attention to. However, a collection of minutes can start adding up to something substantial. For busy academics and professionals, a minute may not be much on its own, but it can add up to a significant amount of learning over time. It’s harder to justify not being able to spare a minute to dedicate to learning compared to physically attending a half day training session, for example. Therefore, by using technology to create chunks of 1 minute learning, we can reduce time and location barriers for learners. For those developing 1minuteCPDs, creating chunks of learning in 1 minute segments is quicker to develop and easier to update.

How to create a 1minuteCPD

To support the creation of 1minuteCPDs, the Hub have created an open, online short course. The short course guides you through each step of the 5D learning design model that we use here at the Hub (Define-Design-Develop-Deploy-Deliver) to provide a framework for the development of RLOs using a micro-learning approach.

Access the ‘How to create a 1minuteCPD’ short course here, and turn your ideas into quick, high-quality and innovative teaching resources.


Image by: Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

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