#5MinuteReflection 9: Tools for remote working

Here are some 1 minute resources that might be useful over the coming weeks and months whilst the majority of us will be working from home. 1minuteCPD has 563 1 minute resources (and counting) that are fully categorised and searchable if you can’t find what you are looking for in this post.


Video conferencing

If you need a quick and free solution for small video conferencing sessions like personal tutoring then the following resources might be useful:

#562 Video conference with Whereby.com

#471 Zoom: Video conferencing

Team project planning?

If you need to collaborate on a project remotely, why not take a look at:

#550 Need to plan a project? Try Webjets

Don’t have Office on your home computer?

This is a good tip for editing Office documents on the go when you don’t have Office installed on your machine:

#540 Work with Office files using Office editing in Google Drive

Minimise distractions

This is great if you want to keep all your applications open but work on a specific project with no distractions:

#519 Too many distractions on your PC? Create a Virtual Desktop on Windows 10

Need a break from typing?

Try dictating instead:

#517 Tired of typing? Try the dictation feature in O365

#146: Slow at typing? Try dictating to Google Docs

Keeping in touch

If you’ve got WhatsApp groups with work colleagues, why not use the desktop app instead of your mobile?

#495 WhatsApp on a desktop [4/4]


Photo by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels

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