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#716 ClipChamp: Focus on the timeline

In this 1minuteCPD video, we take a closer look at the timeline in ClipChamp to make sure you understand what happens when you add videos, sounds, transitions and sound effects.

The timeline is the story of your video – it determines what the users see, how long for and what music or audio plays in the background.

The timeline allows you to stack content – so that images, transitions, audio and more can all occur at once. You can also determine the length of each component.


One thought on “#716 ClipChamp: Focus on the timeline

  1. I truly appreciate the knowledge shared in this blog.
    The 1minuteCPD video explains the timeline in ClipChamp, which determines the story of the video, what users see, how long for and what audio plays. Users can stack content, determine the length of each component and add images, transitions and audio simultaneously.


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