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#572 Discord [1/3]: Setting up a community space

Discord is a platform originally aimed at gamers. It combines lots of features of Skype, Slack, Microsoft Teams with no cost. You have access to a web app, a desktop app and mobile apps so can access a community from any device. It combines the features of a chat lobby, #channels, a message board and… Continue reading #572 Discord [1/3]: Setting up a community space

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#565 Vectr: Free drawing in your browser

Vectr is a simple yet powerful vector drawing app that you can use in your browser. It can be used for UI design as shown by Julian Ohayon. Alternatively, you can use it for simple sketches and layouts of ideas. This can be done quickly with no sign up necessary before you start. You can… Continue reading #565 Vectr: Free drawing in your browser

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#562 Video conference with Whereby.com

If you need a quick and free solution for small video conferencing sessions like personal tutoring then whereby.com might be for you. Its free to use for upto 4 participants. You can also personalise the URL so you can have addresses such as whereby.com/yourname Photo by Oleksandr Kurchev on Unsplash

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#554 Free Photoshop editing with Photopea

Need Photoshop style editing but don’t have Creative Cloud. Plus you don’t have install rights on your PC or Mac. Photopea is an online picture editor with many of the photoshop functions and you can edit right in browser no need to make an account, download anything or sign up to anything. https://www.photopea.com/ Featured Photo… Continue reading #554 Free Photoshop editing with Photopea