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#403 Want fast, private mobile browsing? Try Firefox Focus

Fast, private mobile browsing?? What’s not to love? Do you want to control what the website you visit collects about your browsing? Well now you can with Firefox Focus. Available on iOS and Android using Firefox focus allows you to block ads, location trackers and browsing trackers built into the websites you visit. You can… Continue reading #403 Want fast, private mobile browsing? Try Firefox Focus

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#387 iOS Screen recording with audio

So a while back we posted that you could screen record directly on your iOS device and save the video to your camera roll. Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to voice over screen demos on iOS. Well you can…..long pressing the tile flips up its controls and you can enable audio recording. Photo… Continue reading #387 iOS Screen recording with audio

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#383 Nightshift: Reduce eye strain in OS X

Do your eyes sometimes feel the screen strain particularly if working late? Nightshift makes it possible to tone down your display to make it more comfortable to use at night. If you implement the feature your Mac’s display will adjust its colours in the evening so it uses less blue light and instead uses what Apple… Continue reading #383 Nightshift: Reduce eye strain in OS X

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#371 OMG: It’s finally here!!!!!!!

A shorty but a goody…….. Years and years ago I dreamed of a time when you could just record a demo on your iPhone and send it to someone. No wires no bridging apps….no hacks or jailbreaks……and now you can…..I’m so happy I could actually smile. It’s taken me 3 months to calm down…..  … Continue reading #371 OMG: It’s finally here!!!!!!!

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#368 iLovePDF: Making things Smaller

  Ever need to quickly and easily squash a pdf? Then you realise you have Adobe Reader on your machine and not Acrobat…No sweat. iLovePDF has all the tools you need in one place on the web…accessible anywhere. And…..its free. Squash away……   Photo released without a need for license  by Joseph Albanese on Unsplash unsplash-logoJoseph Albanese