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#533 Grid Format in Moodle

Make your Moodle page less cluttered and more visual with the Grid Format in Moodle. Make your Moodle area more visual and minimise the scrolling that users need to do. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Advertisements

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#532 Get live captioning with PowerPoint Online

If you use PowerPoint online, it has an awesome feature that allows you to add captions to your live presentation. Once you turn it on, it shows a written version of everything that you say at the bottom of the page. It is quite accurate, although you may find that it doesn’t quite get some… Continue reading #532 Get live captioning with PowerPoint Online


#367 … and we’re back, but not quite as you know us!

Welcome to 2018 and another year of 1minuteCPD! What are your new year’s resolutions? If it’s to improve your digital literacy and get more tech into your teaching, stick with us. Our aspirations are slightly different this time around, so instead of a daily tip,  we are aiming to round off our posts to a… Continue reading #367 … and we’re back, but not quite as you know us!