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#714 Faster at talking then typing? Try Word online to dictate your feedback!

In this video walk-through, we show you how you can use Word online to dictate your written feedback. Once dictated, you can then copy and paste the feedback into your feedback tool. Perfect for if you prefer talking to typing! You can even set it to do your punctuation automatically too. 

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#707 Need an image of a Peacock drinking tea? Or anything else? DALL.E can help!

DALL.E is another tool from the same people who brought us ChatGPT, but this time it’s generating images. These can be drawings, 3D renders, paintings or paintings in the style of other artists or movements. It’s a fascinating tool to play with, and I warn you, can be a bit addictive. You get 50 free… Continue reading #707 Need an image of a Peacock drinking tea? Or anything else? DALL.E can help!

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#655 Create a Santa greetings video

Synthesia, which allows you to create AI videos, has a really awesome (and free!) tool to create Santa greetings videos. You simply enter the text that you would like him to say, wait for it to be processed (my very short example in the video took about 5 minutes) and then share it to spread… Continue reading #655 Create a Santa greetings video

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#611 [2/2]: Smartphone app has a smartphone app. that you can use in conjunction with the online account. It enables you to quickly use your phone to capture audio which is automatically transcribed. Really useful for quick interviews or research pieces. The audio is synced to the transcribed text allowing you to quickly edit and correct any transcription… Continue reading #611 [2/2]: Smartphone app

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#560 Pixlr X: Resize images quickly online

Pixlr X is a free and intuitive online image editing tool. We posted about this tool back in 2016, but it’s now even easier to use. There’s no steep learning curve, you don’t need any design experience and it is a fantastic alternative to Photoshop. This video shows you how to quickly resize an image… Continue reading #560 Pixlr X: Resize images quickly online

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#535 Grammarly for Chrome

Grammarly has a free browser extension that you can add to Chrome to help with your spelling, grammar and punctuation whilst writing on the web. It is also available as an MS Office Add-in and is GDPR compliant. You can add the Grammarly extension here. Here is an example of Grammarly in action… Photo by Pereanu… Continue reading #535 Grammarly for Chrome

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#531 Don’t like the background? Remove it with Paint 3D Magic Select

There are times when you want to separate an object from the background of an image. Paint 3D has a super easy to use tool that allows you to do this. Watch the video to find out how to use this tool. Featured image: CCO from Pixabay