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#726 Scribe: Create a step-by-step guide instantly

Scribe is a new AI tool that allows you to record your actions and then transcribe them click by click into a step-by-step guide that you can share with colleagues or students. It even takes screenshots as you go along. The only downside is that the desktop version that would record your screen is on… Continue reading #726 Scribe: Create a step-by-step guide instantly

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#704 Visor: Coloured overlays for reading webpages

Visor is a browser extension that enables you to overlay colours onto webpages and adjust the contrast if you need to for reading purposes. Recently we had a short course with an accessibility requirement to provide materials on pastel-coloured backgrounds. Using Visor in the browser enabled the student to access the online materials without having… Continue reading #704 Visor: Coloured overlays for reading webpages

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#678 Overview of Vevox

Vevox is a great Polling and Q&A tool that integrates into PowerPoint. Although it’s a paid subscription it’s certainly worth it for the ease of integrating some great question polling and audience participation features in to a PowerPoint. Participants just need to access a website (or download the app) to take part. This first of… Continue reading #678 Overview of Vevox

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#674 Regularly access the same websites? Pin them to your taskbar!

I recently discovered that you can use Microsoft Edge webbrowser to pin indivdual websites to your taskbar on a Windows machine. This means anything you access regularly online, for instance your VLE, you can pin to the taskbar for easy access. In this short video walkthrough I show you how to do this.

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#671 Reader Mode [1/2]: Simplify web page text

This Chrome extension enables you to 1-click simplify web pages to make them more readable. If you have colour perception difficulties, you can quickly and easily adjust the colour palette to suit your needs. It is available as a Chrome extension at the Chrome Webstore Photo by Islander Images on Unsplash

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#666 Similarity Checker in MS Word online

In this video we’ll show you how to use the basic online similarity checker for Microsoft Word online – it’s great for checking for similarities and also a great tool for gathering information for your bibliography

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#663 FireShot screen capture

Often I want to screen capture something from the browser and annoyingly many times it goes beyond the size of my screen. Previous I may have had to take multiple screenshots and stitch them in a document. FireShot enables you to screen capture the entire browser window including the material that may be off-screen. Really… Continue reading #663 FireShot screen capture

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#658 Google Chrome: Restore closed tabs and book marking

In this video, I’ll show you how to restore closed tabs and also how to bookmark. It’s really annoying if you accidentally close down Chrome – or if your computer resets and you had a few tabs open – so this video will show you how to restore them.