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#368 iLovePDF: Making things Smaller

  Ever need to quickly and easily squash a pdf? Then you realise you have Adobe Reader on your machine and not Acrobat…No sweat. iLovePDF has all the tools you need in one place on the web…accessible anywhere. And…..its free. Squash away……   Photo released without a need for license  by Joseph Albanese on Unsplash unsplash-logoJoseph Albanese Advertisements

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#365 Atom: A free text editor

This one is a late Christmas present from me to you! It may not be relevant to you all but I thought I would share this text editor software with you as it has been my lifesaver this year. Atom is a really and intuitive text editor that I have been using to create HTML… Continue reading #365 Atom: A free text editor

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#364 Sway [8/8]: Create outline from Sway or Powerpoint

This is the final post in our Sway series. Do you like Sway so far? Why not leave a comment below? In this video we look at generating an outline in Sway either from a PowerPoint file or by adding a topic and letting Sway generate an outline for us.  Once Sway creates the outline we… Continue reading #364 Sway [8/8]: Create outline from Sway or Powerpoint

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#362 Cutting sections from Word? Spike them instead!

The spike feature is a little known function in Word, but enables you to keep all your cut items together (on an imaginary spike!) and then to be able to paste them all in one place. This is useful for when you are editing a document and want to do all your cutting at once,… Continue reading #362 Cutting sections from Word? Spike them instead!

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#360 Merry Christmas! Elf Yourself

HO HO HO Merry Christmas from your 1minuteCPD team! Fancy something fun to play with whilst you wait for your dinner? Have a look at the most wonderful elf yourself… If you own a smartphone, you can also download the Elf Yourself app for free, and spend all day creating elfish videos. Fancy a giggle?… Continue reading #360 Merry Christmas! Elf Yourself

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#358 Sway [7/8]: Remix and Re-style

This video is the 7th in our Sway series and demonstrates how you can edit your Sway’s layout and style. You can adjust the look and feel and adapt the font. You can hit the magic button and trust in a sway “Mix” or adapt that if you’re not happy with the result. This video… Continue reading #358 Sway [7/8]: Remix and Re-style

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#357 Add a moving GIF image to your PowerPoint

In this post (inspired by a question by Kate Cuthbert), we explore how you can add moving images (known as GIFs) to your PowerPoint presentations. For example, this is a GIF: // via GIPHY GIFs can be a fun way to liven up your presentations. You can find lots of free ones on the internet,… Continue reading #357 Add a moving GIF image to your PowerPoint