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#710 Need to remove something from an image? Try

I love this tool. If you have the perfect image, but it has something on it that isn’t quite right, cleanup.picutures can seamlessly remove it for you in seconds, and fill in the background so it looks like it was never there in the first place. So easy to use, everyone can do it. Have… Continue reading #710 Need to remove something from an image? Try

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#709 Extract text from a table

Recently I have been converting word documents that had transcripts in tables. In order to make the documents more presentable I wanted to take the text from the tables and utilise as regular text in the document. This initially meant quite a bit of cutting and pasting. After a few errors were I cut the… Continue reading #709 Extract text from a table

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#708 Overview of Clip Champ (Video editor)

In Windows 11 Microsoft have added a new Video Editor which has some pretty nifty features in comparison to the previous Video Editor. Some users complained about the lack of features in the previous editor and now some are saying they’ve made it too complicated – but never fear – 1minuteCPD are here to cover… Continue reading #708 Overview of Clip Champ (Video editor)

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#707 Need an image of a Peacock drinking tea? Or anything else? DALL.E can help!

DALL.E is another tool from the same people who brought us ChatGPT, but this time it’s generating images. These can be drawings, 3D renders, paintings or paintings in the style of other artists or movements. It’s a fascinating tool to play with, and I warn you, can be a bit addictive. You get 50 free… Continue reading #707 Need an image of a Peacock drinking tea? Or anything else? DALL.E can help!

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#706 PowerPoint: Try the new Morph transition

The Morph transition allows you to animate smooth movement from one slide to the next – without the need for motion paths and animations. A top tip is to duplicate a slide and drag elements around. Here is a very quick demonstration of moving a shape in PowerPoint using the duplicating slide method. Remember to… Continue reading #706 PowerPoint: Try the new Morph transition

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#705 Intrigued by the rise of AI? Have a play!

Open AI /Chat GPT has been in the news a lot recently, particularly with the implications that these enhanced chat bots could prove to be the death knell of the more traditional assessment methods. I’ve been playing with Chat GPT recently, it’s free to use and explore and gives you a sense of where the… Continue reading #705 Intrigued by the rise of AI? Have a play!

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#700 Convert Ink to Text/Shape/Math in PowerPoint

Convert is a cool little feature in the Draw ribbon in PowerPoint. It converts your drawings with a stylus or mouse into text, a shape or a mathematics symbol. Here is a quick video to show you how… Also, a big shout out to the #1minuteCPD team on publishing 700 minutes of CPD. That’s over… Continue reading #700 Convert Ink to Text/Shape/Math in PowerPoint