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#437 Template your Sway

Building on some of our earlier posts on Sway, Microsoft’s snazzy presentation tool, we are pleased to announce some very useful extra features. In this video we show how you can share a pre-populated Sway template with your students. If you work at Manchester Met, then you and your students all have access to Sway… Continue reading #437 Template your Sway

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#383 Nightshift: Reduce eye strain in OS X

Do your eyes sometimes feel the screen strain particularly if working late? Nightshift makes it possible to tone down your display to make it more comfortable to use at night. If you implement the feature your Mac’s display will adjust its colours in the evening so it uses less blue light and instead uses what Apple… Continue reading #383 Nightshift: Reduce eye strain in OS X

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#379 Give yourself a Moment’s peace

Although smartphones have revolutionised how we work and socialise, there are times when we all need to unplug. Moment is an iOS app (not currently available for Android), which helps you to manage your screen time. It shows you how much time you are spending on your device, as well as providing tips and tools… Continue reading #379 Give yourself a Moment’s peace

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#253 Noisli: Improve focus and increase productivity!

Do you work in a noisy open office like me? Do you find it sometimes impossible to concentrate? Well Noisli could be just the thing for you. Noisli is a website that helps you improve focus and increase productivity with background noise. You can mix different sounds to create your perfect environment depending on whether… Continue reading #253 Noisli: Improve focus and increase productivity!

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#243 Dragon Dictate: Voice recognition for productivity

Dragon Dictation is a great piece of software (app) for voice recognition. Just simply speak your email, letter or essay and Dragon will transcribe it for you with great accuracy. You can then export the text easily in to most applications. Give it a try! Featured image by Pixabay licenced under CC0

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#237 Never lose your work again! Access version histories in Dropbox!

If you are a Dropbox user, you can also easily access version histories of your document. This makes recovering documents extremely quick and easy. This was an absolute godsend to me when an assignment file corrupted the day before a deadline and I was able to roll back a version of my document. Every time… Continue reading #237 Never lose your work again! Access version histories in Dropbox!