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#503 Moodle Gradebook and Weightings – Revisited

In my job as a Learning Technologist at Manchester Metropolitan University I get asked about setting up the Moodle Gradebook and apply weightings to summative assessment. In this post we revisit how to do this in the current version of Moodle that’s used at Manchester Met University. Image is CC0 and is available here Advertisements

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#439 Export your Sway

Following on from our previous Sway posts (see Sway), in today’s video we look at exporting Sway to PDF or Word documents. This, in conjunction for being able to create templates, makes Sway an excellent option for people looking for a portfolio or online CV tool for students. One of the most common questions we… Continue reading #439 Export your Sway

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#437 Template your Sway

Building on some of our earlier posts on Sway, Microsoft’s snazzy presentation tool, we are pleased to announce some very useful extra features. In this video we show how you can share a pre-populated Sway template with your students. If you work at Manchester Met, then you and your students all have access to Sway… Continue reading #437 Template your Sway

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#429 Easy Moodle mark entry with the offline marking worksheet

If you have used a Moodle assignment, or have completed an offline assignment and want to return the marks online, the offline marking worksheet for Moodle assignments makes this quick and easy to do. You can even use it to return feedback comments to students! Featured imaged shared under a CCO licence from Pixabay

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#424 Return annotated feedback files in bulk to Moodle assignments

If you’re using Moodle assignments and want to annotate on student scripts, or return feedback files quickly to students, this is the easiest way to do it! Start by downloading the submitted files in bulk, you can then annotate and edit a copy of the student submission, or clear the contents completely if you just… Continue reading #424 Return annotated feedback files in bulk to Moodle assignments

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#414 Adding feedback to PDFs in Moodle Assignments

Have your students submitted PDF documents to your Moodle Assignments? Looking for a quick and easy way to add feedback comments onto your student’s scripts? Then look no further! Moodle Assignments contain a built in PDF editor that enables you to annotate directly onto the PDFs submitted by your students, so you can add feedback… Continue reading #414 Adding feedback to PDFs in Moodle Assignments

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#407 Student emailed you their Turnitin submission? No worries!

Occasionally students will, for whatever reason, not manage to submit their assessment to your Turnitin link. This could be because they have experienced technical difficulties, so have emailed you a copy, or because they submitted the file to the wrong place….luckily it’s quick and easy to submit files on behalf of students to Turnitin (you… Continue reading #407 Student emailed you their Turnitin submission? No worries!