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#442 Introduction to Instagram [1/3]

Instagram is a picture sharing social media platform where you can post images and short videos of your interests, hobbies and general day to day life. It’s widely popular and can reach a worldwide audience but you need to know the best way to maximise visibility of your posts. In the first of three posts… Continue reading #442 Introduction to Instagram [1/3]

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#438 Vysor: To view your phone screen on a PC or Mac

Sometimes you want to demo something from your phone to a wider audience, maybe at a presentation or a demonstration. You may want to do it live or just to record something from your phone to put in a presentation. Vysor is a app in the chrome browser that allows you to do just that… Continue reading #438 Vysor: To view your phone screen on a PC or Mac

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#433 Recognising Fonts from Images

Ever been stuck wondering what a font is? Ever wanted to download a font that has been used in a design? Using your phone with Adobe Capture you can now snap a pic or load from your camera roll and Adobe analyses it and points you to Type Kit fonts that are the same or… Continue reading #433 Recognising Fonts from Images

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#430 Editing pictures easily with the Photos app in iOS (iPhone/iPad)

The built in Photo app on your iPhone and iPad is a powerful little tool. It allows you to make several adjustments to your pictures that include cropping, resizing, apply a number of filters as well as fine tuning settings such as contrast, exposure, balance etc. This video will give you an overview of how… Continue reading #430 Editing pictures easily with the Photos app in iOS (iPhone/iPad)

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#428 Organise Apps (Android)

Sick of cycling through loads of screens to get at the app you want. You can organise them into folders and customise your launcher. Photo by Brandon Lopez on Unsplash   See more on the Nova Launcher below https://www.androidcentral.com/nova-launcher         (this is not an endorsement just for info. We are in no way affiliated to… Continue reading #428 Organise Apps (Android)