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#697 Accidently deleting emails in your Outlook app? Change the swipe commands!

If, like me, you frequently find yourself deleting emails when you simply want to mark them as unread, change your swipe commands! These quick steps show you how to change what swipe left and swipe right do in your Outlook email app. This video guide is for apple devices.

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#693 Flip it (Your phone)

Okay so it’s a little bug bear of mine… When I see people shooting video on their phone in portrait mode. It’s so much better if you just rotate your phone for viewing video / recording video and also taking certain photographs – otherwise you can end up with the black bar syndrome. Any black… Continue reading #693 Flip it (Your phone)

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#646 Digitise printed tables in Excel (or from screens)

I remember back to doing dissertations and digitising tables was a long hand task of manually creating them using Excel and extracting data from books or journals and typing it in. Now with the Excel mobile app you scan a printed table or a screen table and the app scans and digitises the data directly… Continue reading #646 Digitise printed tables in Excel (or from screens)

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#611 Otter.ai [2/2]: Smartphone app

Otter.ai has a smartphone app. that you can use in conjunction with the online account. It enables you to quickly use your phone to capture audio which is automatically transcribed. Really useful for quick interviews or research pieces. The audio is synced to the transcribed text allowing you to quickly edit and correct any transcription… Continue reading #611 Otter.ai [2/2]: Smartphone app

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#543 What the HEIC !? Convert HEIC to JPG

Some of the newer iPhones have started saving pictures that you take as a HEIC format. There’s a few ways of converting these to jpg and here’s one that I tend to use. Visit ZamZar.com This video will show you one of the ways in which you can convert the HEIC format to JPG Image… Continue reading #543 What the HEIC !? Convert HEIC to JPG

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#501 Take control of your iPhone use with ScreenTime

If you are anything like us them you’ll also find that sometimes you need a break from screentime and a rest from scrolling through twitter and pinterest. However, these pesky social media designers work hard to make their sites as attractive (and addictive) as possible! So what can we do to make sure we give… Continue reading #501 Take control of your iPhone use with ScreenTime

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#495 WhatsApp on a desktop [4/4]

Sometimes bigger is better! You can use Whatsapp on a desktop/laptop computer. You need to make sure that your phone is in close proximity. This screencast will take you through the process of getting whatsapp on your desktop or laptop computer. Image is CC0 and is available from Pixabay

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#485 WhatsApp: Creating a Group Chat [2/4]

In this next instalment where we look at WhatsApp we look at how to create a group chat. Group chats are great for social and work-related purposes. For the previous post about introduction to WhatsApp click here Image is CC0 and is available from Pixabay