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#649 Change custom titles and subtitles in Medium

If you use Medium and have edited a post title, you may have noticed that the preview of your post still shows the old title in a publication or in preview. It can be frustrating (I know from experience) but it is an easy fix. You just need to change the custom title and subtitle.… Continue reading #649 Change custom titles and subtitles in Medium

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#647 Share an ad-free YouTube link

Often we like to share videos with students from YouTube. Annoyingly, we get pre-video ads and recommended videos. By adding a quick bit of text to the URL, you can share a link without any of the annoying adverts. Here’s how: If your url is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRhdvXUG7bo add _popup between the ‘watch’ and the ‘?’ So… Continue reading #647 Share an ad-free YouTube link

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#631 Easy-Peasy Timelines with Padlet

If you need to pull together an easy timeline, which enables you to embed links, pictures, videos, files and gifs, look no further than Padlet! The timeline wall lay out is really easy to use and gives you a way of collaboratively building a timeline, or creating one you can share as a resource with… Continue reading #631 Easy-Peasy Timelines with Padlet

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#607 Creating and sharing recordings in Padlet

Padlet can be used for a whole host of activities and is a firm favourite with the 1minutecpd team! In this guide we explore how you can use Padlet to create and share screen recordings, web cam talking heads or audio clips. This could be used for activities with students where they respond to questions,… Continue reading #607 Creating and sharing recordings in Padlet

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#599 Creating anchor links in Medium

If you use Medium, you might be interested to know that you can create anchor links on your posts, which creates a table of contents. It is really quick and easy to do…     If you don’t know what Medium is, check out our Medium posts to get you started. Image by VictorianLady from… Continue reading #599 Creating anchor links in Medium

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#553 Free pictures with Pexels

If you love Unsplash, then you are going to love Pexels too. Pexels is another stock photo website that provides high quality images for free! So what can you do with the photos on Pexles? All photos on Pexels are free to use. Attribution is not required. Giving credit to the photographer or Pexels is… Continue reading #553 Free pictures with Pexels

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#549 Create an interactive world map with Padlet

Padlet is a firm favourite at 1minuteCPD HQ. Padlet is constantly reinventing itself and introducing new features. I discovered the Map wall the other day when I was looking for a way for students on an open-access course to post where they’re from. It is really simple to create and use and I am sure… Continue reading #549 Create an interactive world map with Padlet