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#364 Sway [8/8]: Create outline from Sway or Powerpoint

This is the final post in our Sway series. Do you like Sway so far? Why not leave a comment below? In this video we look at generating an outline in Sway either from a PowerPoint file or by adding a topic and letting Sway generate an outline for us.  Once Sway creates the outline we… Continue reading #364 Sway [8/8]: Create outline from Sway or Powerpoint

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#350 Use SumIF in Excel to add conditions to your additions!

As we’re seen in previous posts on Excel, Excel is full of nifty little tricks to help make our lives much easier. In this post we take a look at the SumIF function. This function enables you to set conditions on what you want to add together. These conditions can come from another cell, for… Continue reading #350 Use SumIF in Excel to add conditions to your additions!

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#324 Fantastical [2/3]: Creating grouped calendars

Ever wish you could merge calendars across multiple accounts? Display bits from a Google calendar with an Exchange one and maybe throw in an iCloud calendar too?? Fantastical allows you to create custom blends of different calendars and present them as overlays with the flip of a switch. This video shows you how to create… Continue reading #324 Fantastical [2/3]: Creating grouped calendars

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#320 Fantastical [1/3]: Adding a calendar

Do you need to mix and match calendars? Need to blend a work calendar with a project calendar or blend project calendars? Fantastical might be the answer. It is a paid for app on OS X or iOS and has some nifty features. This video shows how you can add in a calendar feed. Featured… Continue reading #320 Fantastical [1/3]: Adding a calendar

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#313 Double spacing in Word

This tip comes to you from a horror story I heard recently about a student manually double spacing their dissertation! To save another student from such horror, this post shows you how you can easily double space your document in less than 60 seconds… Featured image: “Space” by leolambertini is licenced under CC BY-ND 2.0