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#398 No track changes in Word? No problem! Compare documents

Have you ever received a document with changes, where the person hasn’t used track changes? Felt like banging your head on the desk (like me the other day)? Well don’t despair! Word has a function where you can combine revisions from multiple authors into a single document. You will find this handy function under the… Continue reading #398 No track changes in Word? No problem! Compare documents

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#390 iOS Control Centre – No sound and do not disturb settings

In recent times Apple have moved settings around and it’s not always obvious where to find them. We’ve recently experienced one of our academics having issues in getting the audio to play on a video, despite all of the obvious settings it ended up being another setting in the Control centre. Additionally you may want… Continue reading #390 iOS Control Centre – No sound and do not disturb settings

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#387 iOS Screen recording with audio

So a while back we posted that you could screen record directly on your iOS device and save the video to your camera roll. Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to voice over screen demos on iOS. Well you can…..long pressing the tile flips up its controls and you can enable audio recording. Photo… Continue reading #387 iOS Screen recording with audio

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#384 Import your Turnitin Rubric

If you are looking to use a marking rubric within Turnitin, one of the easiest ways to do this is importing from an Excel document. Turnitin even provides a template, so all you need to do is fill it out and you’re ready to go! Much less fiddly than trying to copy and paste into… Continue reading #384 Import your Turnitin Rubric

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#370 QRCode Scanning for iOS: Easy QR Code scanning

In iOS11 QR code scanning is built directly into the camera app – saving you the trouble of having to download another app. Not sure what QR codes are? Check out our earlier post:  #21 How to create your own QR codes This video shows how to ensure your apple device is ready to scan! Featured… Continue reading #370 QRCode Scanning for iOS: Easy QR Code scanning

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#368 iLovePDF: Making things Smaller

  Ever need to quickly and easily squash a pdf? Then you realise you have Adobe Reader on your machine and not Acrobat…No sweat. iLovePDF has all the tools you need in one place on the web…accessible anywhere. And…..its free. Squash away……   Photo released without a need for license  by Joseph Albanese on Unsplash unsplash-logoJoseph Albanese

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#364 Sway [8/8]: Create outline from Sway or Powerpoint

This is the final post in our Sway series. Do you like Sway so far? Why not leave a comment below? In this video we look at generating an outline in Sway either from a PowerPoint file or by adding a topic and letting Sway generate an outline for us.  Once Sway creates the outline we… Continue reading #364 Sway [8/8]: Create outline from Sway or Powerpoint