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#365 Atom: A free text editor

This one is a late Christmas present from me to you! It may not be relevant to you all but I thought I would share this text editor software with you as it has been my lifesaver this year. Atom is a really and intuitive text editor that I have been using to create HTML… Continue reading #365 Atom: A free text editor

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#353 Drag and drop URLs into a Dropbox folder

Did you know that you can save a website URL to a Dropbox folder? Well now you do! This is really useful to keep all your resources in one place. No more saving your files in one place and your bookmarks in another! It’s really easy and will help you keep your files, folders and… Continue reading #353 Drag and drop URLs into a Dropbox folder

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#341 Hide a slide in PowerPoint

This is a crafty tip to organise your PowerPoint presentations without having to maintain two versions of the same file. There may be some slides that you don’t want to delete from your presentation (you may need them later) or you have a slide with answers to your questions that you don’t want to show… Continue reading #341 Hide a slide in PowerPoint

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#309 Resize your images in bulk using Bulk Resize Photos

Bulk Resize Photos is a really cool tool to resize batches of images in a quick and easy way. Perfect for when you’re developing web content. All you need to do is: Select your images Pick the new size (or use the default) Click Start 150 Images Resized in Under 60 Seconds! Watch this 60 second… Continue reading #309 Resize your images in bulk using Bulk Resize Photos