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#34 Padlet: Your Online Pin Board

Padlet is basically an online pin board where you can pin images, web sites, audio clips, documents…all sorts really. It’s great because it’s free (always good), can be worked on collaboratively (also good), and is REALLY easy to use (no-one is going to complain about that). I’ve seen it used to get students to collect… Continue reading #34 Padlet: Your Online Pin Board


#5MinuteReflection 2: Interactive Sessions

In this second edition of our monthly #5MinuteReflection, we will be looking at why and how you can make sessions interactive. #1MinuteCPD has covered a range of tools that enable interactive sessions and we thought it would be useful to pull these together into one handy article! An interactive session is one where the students… Continue reading #5MinuteReflection 2: Interactive Sessions