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#709 Extract text from a table

Recently I have been converting word documents that had transcripts in tables. In order to make the documents more presentable I wanted to take the text from the tables and utilise as regular text in the document. This initially meant quite a bit of cutting and pasting. After a few errors were I cut the… Continue reading #709 Extract text from a table

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#706 PowerPoint: Try the new Morph transition

The Morph transition allows you to animate smooth movement from one slide to the next – without the need for motion paths and animations. A top tip is to duplicate a slide and drag elements around. Here is a very quick demonstration of moving a shape in PowerPoint using the duplicating slide method. Remember to… Continue reading #706 PowerPoint: Try the new Morph transition

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#704 Visor: Coloured overlays for reading webpages

Visor is a browser extension that enables you to overlay colours onto webpages and adjust the contrast if you need to for reading purposes. Recently we had a short course with an accessibility requirement to provide materials on pastel-coloured backgrounds. Using Visor in the browser enabled the student to access the online materials without having… Continue reading #704 Visor: Coloured overlays for reading webpages

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#700 Convert Ink to Text/Shape/Math in PowerPoint

Convert is a cool little feature in the Draw ribbon in PowerPoint. It converts your drawings with a stylus or mouse into text, a shape or a mathematics symbol. Here is a quick video to show you how… Also, a big shout out to the #1minuteCPD team on publishing 700 minutes of CPD. That’s over… Continue reading #700 Convert Ink to Text/Shape/Math in PowerPoint

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#693 Flip it (Your phone)

Okay so it’s a little bug bear of mine… When I see people shooting video on their phone in portrait mode. It’s so much better if you just rotate your phone for viewing video / recording video and also taking certain photographs – otherwise you can end up with the black bar syndrome. Any black… Continue reading #693 Flip it (Your phone)