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#728 Microsoft Clip Champ: Text to Speech

The free* Microsoft Clip Champ video editor has some fantastic features, including the Text to Speech facility. In this video, we’ll demonstrate this and also show you how to add it to your videos.

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#704 Visor: Coloured overlays for reading webpages

Visor is a browser extension that enables you to overlay colours onto webpages and adjust the contrast if you need to for reading purposes. Recently we had a short course with an accessibility requirement to provide materials on pastel-coloured backgrounds. Using Visor in the browser enabled the student to access the online materials without having… Continue reading #704 Visor: Coloured overlays for reading webpages

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#671 Reader Mode [1/2]: Simplify web page text

This Chrome extension enables you to 1-click simplify web pages to make them more readable. If you have colour perception difficulties, you can quickly and easily adjust the colour palette to suit your needs. It is available as a Chrome extension at the Chrome Webstore Photo by Islander Images on Unsplash

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#667 Accessibility: Colour contrast analyser

This utility is available for Mac and PC, although it has more functionality on the PC version. It enables you to check documents, websites and any screen-based media to see if they pass contrast thresholds for accessibility. It is available to download for free from TPGi. There is also a colour blindness simulation on sampled… Continue reading #667 Accessibility: Colour contrast analyser

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#659 Readability: Is my text audience appropriate?

I am often a waffler. I can overly complicate my writing which occasionally can make the meaning somewhat blurry and indistinct….See what I mean! Often for students we need to make our communication clear and direct. So they know what is expected of them. Often we should make assessment instructions as clear as possible. Fortunately… Continue reading #659 Readability: Is my text audience appropriate?