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#498 Mobile view in desktop browser

Sometimes you may need to view a website in a mobile mode but don’t want to leave a desktop in order to do it. With developer tools you can quickly switch a website into mobile view. This video shows this in Opera and Safari but you can also do this with Chrome and Firefox. Photo… Continue reading #498 Mobile view in desktop browser

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#448 Mimic Mobile in a Browser

In this post we will look at how you can mimic a mobile experience within a browser. In this example we will look at Instagram. If you’ve accessed Instagram via a web browser you may have noticed you would not normally be able to post and can only post from a mobile device. Here are… Continue reading #448 Mimic Mobile in a Browser

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#403 Want fast, private mobile browsing? Try Firefox Focus

Fast, private mobile browsing?? What’s not to love? Do you want to control what the website you visit collects about your browsing? Well now you can with Firefox Focus. Available on iOS and Android using Firefox focus allows you to block ads, location trackers and browsing trackers built into the websites you visit. You can… Continue reading #403 Want fast, private mobile browsing? Try Firefox Focus

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#270 Print Screen not showing the full page? Try this little trick!

If you are trying to do a screen shot of a full webpage, Print Screen just might not cut it. Often much of the the web page is hidden off the screen, so your screen shot can be missing it’s lower half. Not anymore! Full Page Screen Capture is a Chrome Web browser plug-in that… Continue reading #270 Print Screen not showing the full page? Try this little trick!

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#189 How to refresh your browser

Now that you know what a browser is, this short video will how you how to refresh those browsers. This is especially useful when you’re creating online resources and you can’t view your changes immediately, sometimes you just need to hit the refresh button. Watch how to here…        Your Browser How to… Continue reading #189 How to refresh your browser