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#426 Search Folders in Outlook

I don’t file my emails in Outlook, instead I use Search Folders. A Search Folder is a virtual folder that provides a view of all email items that match specific search criteria. For example, I use a Search Folder for anyone I correspond with regularly (i.e. I can find that person’s emails without searching through my… Continue reading #426 Search Folders in Outlook

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#411 Fun with f2

I am working on a large project at the moment and need to manage a lot of files. One of the keyboard functions that has helped me the most is the f2 key. Instead of right-clicking on a file or folder and selecting Rename or double-clicking on a file or folder at exactly the right… Continue reading #411 Fun with f2

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#406 Medium [4/4]: Some more cool stuff you can do with Medium

Just before you think Medium is just another blogging platform, here are a few cool things that you can do in Medium that makes it an interesting platform to consider for your next teaching, learning and assessment project: Claps – instead of showing your appreciation for a post with a single like, you can ‘clap’… Continue reading #406 Medium [4/4]: Some more cool stuff you can do with Medium