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#267 Timetoast: Create timelines and embed them

Timetoast allows you to create timelines, share them on the web, or embed them in to your VLE or presentation. You can create a public account for free and start creating timelines in minutes at   Advertisements

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#172 Create dynamic, interactive content with H5P

H5P is a fabulous tool! We were introduced to it by James Lepoittevin, who kindly shared it as his Top TEL Tip. It’s a very easy way to create really interactive learning content and resources. There’s loads of great features, it’s free to use and the content you create can be embedded into your Moodle area… Continue reading #172 Create dynamic, interactive content with H5P

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#158 Embedding videos into PowerPoint

Have you found the perfect YouTube video for your PowerPoint? Do you want to embed your own video into your presentation? Look no further, we can show you how! Alternatively, if you only want to share a clip, rather than the whole video, have a look at #3 YouTube – Sharing is caring. Featured image ” vhs… Continue reading #158 Embedding videos into PowerPoint

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#57 Embed ANY Web 2.0 content into Moodle!

We’ve already seen how you can add a YouTube video into Moodle. But did you know that you can embed any web 2.0 content that has an embed code into Moodle? See how to here… Featured image: “Embed” by @heyftba is licenced under CC BY 2.0 UK