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#436 Simple Gmail Notes

Simple Gmail Notes is a free and easy to use Chrome extension that allows you to better organise your Google Mail. You can add notes to individual Gmail conversations, store notes in your own Google Drive and add notes to your Google Calendar. This is useful to if you want to digitally stick a post-it… Continue reading #436 Simple Gmail Notes

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#320 Fantastical [1/3]: Adding a calendar

Do you need to mix and match calendars? Need to blend a work calendar with a project calendar or blend project calendars? Fantastical might be the answer. It is a paid for app on OS X or iOS and has some nifty features. This video shows how you can add in a calendar feed. Featured… Continue reading #320 Fantastical [1/3]: Adding a calendar

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#281 Organise your brain with Workflowy [1/2]: An introduction

Do you love making lists like me? Well things just went to a whole new level with Workflowy! Workflowy is a really powerful way to make your notes work for you. It’s free (limited by the number of items you create per month in your list – get more items by referring friends) and easy… Continue reading #281 Organise your brain with Workflowy [1/2]: An introduction

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#233 A closer look at cards in Trello

In one of our previous posts, we introduced you to the project management app Trello (#229 An introduction to Trello). Trello is based on ‘Boards’, ‘Lists’ and ‘Cards’. This post takes a deeper look at what you can do with cards to project manage like a pro. Watch this 60 second video to get a… Continue reading #233 A closer look at cards in Trello