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#498 Mobile view in desktop browser

Sometimes you may need to view a website in a mobile mode but don’t want to leave a desktop in order to do it. With developer tools you can quickly switch a website into mobile view. This video shows this in Opera and Safari but you can also do this with Chrome and Firefox. Photo… Continue reading #498 Mobile view in desktop browser

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#383 Nightshift: Reduce eye strain in OS X

Do your eyes sometimes feel the screen strain particularly if working late? Nightshift makes it possible to tone down your display to make it more comfortable to use at night. If you implement the feature your Mac’s display will adjust its colours in the evening so it uses less blue light and instead uses what Apple… Continue reading #383 Nightshift: Reduce eye strain in OS X

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#320 Fantastical [1/3]: Adding a calendar

Do you need to mix and match calendars? Need to blend a work calendar with a project calendar or blend project calendars? Fantastical might be the answer. It is a paid for app on OS X or iOS and has some nifty features. This video shows how you can add in a calendar feed. Featured… Continue reading #320 Fantastical [1/3]: Adding a calendar

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#188 Display Menu: Quickly resize your display settings in OS X

If you have a Mac, the Display Menu app lets you change your display settings with a single click. Perfect for when you did to change between different sized monitors and saves you from the hassle of changing your system preferences each time. Watch this video to show you how easy it is…   Featured image:… Continue reading #188 Display Menu: Quickly resize your display settings in OS X

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#180 YemuZip: Make your OS X zip files more PC friendly!

Make your OS X zip files more PC friendly by using YemuZip! You may find as a Mac user that when you send a zip file to a colleague using a PC that there is a lot of unneccessary files that get zipped up too.  Luckily you can now eliminate all that and make zips more… Continue reading #180 YemuZip: Make your OS X zip files more PC friendly!

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#38 Using the Mac OS X Finder [1/5]: Shortcuts for Mac users

Here’s one for Mac users (sorry PC peeps!). Ever find yourself wishing for a speedier way to navigate Finder? Here are some tips and tricks to speed up your work in OS X… P.S. More Finder tips coming up soon! Made with OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 Featured image courtesy of Yash Gupta CC BYNC