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#554 Free Photoshop editing with Photopea

Need Photoshop style editing but don’t have Creative Cloud. Plus you don’t have install rights on your PC or Mac. Photopea is an online picture editor with many of the photoshop functions and you can edit right in browser no need to make an account, download anything or sign up to anything. https://www.photopea.com/ Featured Photo… Continue reading #554 Free Photoshop editing with Photopea

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#24 Pesky image background getting in the way? Remove it!

In Word and PowerPoint 2013 there is a really easy way of removing backgrounds from your images. This helps you create more professional looking designs. It’s surprisingly easy (and effective), take a look: TIP: Once you have removed the background, simply right-click on the new image and chose ‘Save as picture’ to use your image… Continue reading #24 Pesky image background getting in the way? Remove it!