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#652 Google search tips

Most of us use Google every day as part of our web searches and research. Many of us have only scratched the surface of the search engine’s capability. Here we will look at possibly the first in a series of Google search tips/hacks to make your searching more efficient and refined. There are many useful… Continue reading #652 Google search tips

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#293 Using Twitter’s Advanced Search

Did you know that Twitter has an Advanced Search function? It’s really simple to use and can be a really powerful search tool to aide your digital research and scholarship. You can find out more about the different types of search in this Twitter article. In the meantime, here is a 60 second introduction on where… Continue reading #293 Using Twitter’s Advanced Search

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#277 Change your default search on IE from Bing to Google

If you are an Internet Explorer (IE) user and you prefer using Google to Bing, then here is a quick and easy way to change your default search engine on IE11. Watch how to here… Featured image: “search” by Pleuntje is licenced under CC BY-SA 2.0

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#269 Filtering your YouTube search results

Did you know that you can filter your YouTube video search results? I didn’t until the other day! It is an excellent method to make your search more relevant and targeted – search by duration, date uploaded, views, ratings etc. Here is how you use the filter function… Feature image: “filtered” by timlewisnm is licenced under CC BY-SA… Continue reading #269 Filtering your YouTube search results

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#124 Using Google Advanced Search to narrow and refine your searches

You can use some of the more advanced features in Google to narrow and refine your searches. To make searches for a topic you’re researching more relevant you can restrict the search to a certain site domain, file type and date. This makes your search current, specific and targeted. In this example, I show you how to… Continue reading #124 Using Google Advanced Search to narrow and refine your searches

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#40 Use an image to search for images

Google Images has a fun little feature that isn’t too well known. You can use an image to search for images! This is useful if you’re trying to find images that are similar to one you have or if you are trying to find an image you already have, but need it in a different… Continue reading #40 Use an image to search for images