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#675 Reader mode: Text to speech

This is a follow up post to #671 – Reader mode: for simplified reading of web pages. This post looks at further ability within the browser extension that enables text to speech. You can choose various languages adjust the speed it reads or the pitch of the voice. Photo by Reimond de Zuñiga on Unsplash

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#250 Split your text into Columns in Excel

This Excel tip is particularly handy if you are trying to tidy up a list of email addresses copied from Outlook, or if you have imported in data from another source and need to split it into separate columns. For more hints and tips with Excel, check out our other #1minuteCPD videos. Featured image: “Split… Continue reading #250 Split your text into Columns in Excel

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#118 Give yourself some space! Resize the text editing box in Moodle

Don’t struggle to edit your text in Moodle using the tiny text editing window, re-size it to full screen! This makes editing your text much easier and also helps if you are also dealing with images and tables. Featured Image: “Field” by Tim Collins licenced under CC BY-SA 2.0

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#102 Too much text in your Excel Column? Wrap it!

If you’re dealing with survey responses or other free text entries in excel, it can be hard to read. The wrap text function will fit the text into the width of your column, so you can always see the full entry. Featured Image: “Untitled” by Jared Tarbell licenced under CC BY 2.0

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#10 Resizing browser content

How to quickly resize content in your browser if you need to display it larger to read or display to students. This one minute video shows you how to increase the size of text in your browser to make reading easier. You can use keyboard shortcuts in Chrome and Firefox and use the little context… Continue reading #10 Resizing browser content