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#154 Introducing OneNote, your online notebook

If you are a Window’s user, you’ll find OneNote is a handy tool for keeping all your research notes, meeting minutes and to do lists handy. OneNote is like a big box folder, which contains file dividers and pages within it, but unlike a box folder, it’s really easy to share and collaborate on the… Continue reading #154 Introducing OneNote, your online notebook

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#144 Organise your PowerPoint slides into sections

Ever find yourself lost in a mammoth PowerPoint presentation with tens or even maybe hundreds of slide? Why not use Sections! You can easily create sections in PowerPoint 2013 much in the same way that you use folders to organise your files. Watch how to here… Featured image: “Four sections” by egefan – Suzan Almond is… Continue reading #144 Organise your PowerPoint slides into sections

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#120 Updating your captions and cross-references in Word

In our post #116 Adding captions and inserting cross-references in Word we showed you how to use ‘Insert Caption’ to label images and figures and add cross-references to a Word document. This short video shows you how to keep your references up to date as your document becomes larger and more complex… Featured image: “Reference Section… Continue reading #120 Updating your captions and cross-references in Word

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#117 Keep losing your Post-it notes? Why not try Sticky notes!

This is a great little tip for all Windows users to have all those important bits of information quickly to hand on your desktop. It’s like having your very own digital Post-it notes! Watch this video to show you how… Featured image: “post-its” by Jack Lyons is licenced under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0