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#530 Export YouTube’s Auto-Generated Captions

As we mentioned in one of our previous posts, we are huge fans of the auto-generated captions in YouTube. There is also a way now to export YouTube’s auto-generated captions to create a downloadable transcript of your video, which is great for accessibility especially if you don’t have access to a professional transcription service. This… Continue reading #530 Export YouTube’s Auto-Generated Captions

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#506 You said what?? How to edit auto-captions in YouTube

We’re a big fan of the auto-captions in YouTube, however they are rarely perfect and if you are blessed with an accent, then things can go even more awry. In this 1minutecpd video we show you how you can edit the auto-captions and even download the file so you can upload it to another video… Continue reading #506 You said what?? How to edit auto-captions in YouTube

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#493 YouTube: Scheduled video

In YouTube you can schedule a release time for a private video. So you can set its availability on a certain date at a certain time. This is particularly useful for blog posts or event teasers that you may want to create before hand but avoid people stumbling across them by accident. Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash… Continue reading #493 YouTube: Scheduled video

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#352 TubeChop: Embed a segment of a YouTube video

How useful is the YouTube feature that allows you to get a linked video to play from a certain point? How frustrating is it that you can’t so that with an embedded video? Well TubeChop allows you to select a segment and generate embed code just for the bit you want. Featured image: “Cleaver” by… Continue reading #352 TubeChop: Embed a segment of a YouTube video

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#269 Filtering your YouTube search results

Did you know that you can filter your YouTube video search results? I didn’t until the other day! It is an excellent method to make your search more relevant and targeted – search by duration, date uploaded, views, ratings etc. Here is how you use the filter function… Feature image: “filtered” by timlewisnm is licenced under CC BY-SA… Continue reading #269 Filtering your YouTube search results

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#221 Add automatic YouTube subtitles to your videos

Adding automatic subtitles to your YouTube videos is an easy way to make your videos more accessible to a wider audience. It means that your viewers can watch your videos in a busy office without the sound on or that viewers who are hard of hearing can access your videos without barriers. Watch how you… Continue reading #221 Add automatic YouTube subtitles to your videos

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#158 Embedding videos into PowerPoint

Have you found the perfect YouTube video for your PowerPoint? Do you want to embed your own video into your presentation? Look no further, we can show you how! Alternatively, if you only want to share a clip, rather than the whole video, have a look at #3 YouTube – Sharing is caring. Featured image ” vhs… Continue reading #158 Embedding videos into PowerPoint

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#82 Storify your social media

Storify is a really quick way to create a story out of different social media threads. This is a great way of sharing relevant social media content with your students in a really accessible way. If you were recently at an industry conference, why not create a Storify to share with your students or colleagues?… Continue reading #82 Storify your social media

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#16 Embedding YouTube videos in Moodle

Do you want to share a YouTube video with your students? Have a go at embedding it onto your Moodle area! If you want the video to appear on your main Moodle page, then embed it in a Label, if you want it to appear on a separate page, embed it as a Page. (Please… Continue reading #16 Embedding YouTube videos in Moodle

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#3 YouTube: Sharing is caring

YouTube is a video hosting site where anyone can share and watch videos. But unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past ten years, I’m sure that you know that already. However, YouTube is more than just a repository of cute cats. It is a powerful teaching and learning tool where you can learn just about… Continue reading #3 YouTube: Sharing is caring