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#444 Canva: A quick & easy way to create beautiful designs

Canva is a great tool to create professional looking designs in a flash, with no photoshop (or design!) skills required.  It’s free to use and comes with a whole host of gorgeous templates that you can customise to your own means. It’s really easy to use and the creates a very polished finished. What’s not… Continue reading #444 Canva: A quick & easy way to create beautiful designs

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#442 Introduction to Instagram [1/3]

Instagram is a picture sharing social media platform where you can post images and short videos of your interests, hobbies and general day to day life. It’s widely popular and can reach a worldwide audience but you need to know the best way to maximise visibility of your posts. In the first of three posts… Continue reading #442 Introduction to Instagram [1/3]

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#441 PhotoScan app: Bring your old photos back to life

PhotoScan ( is an app from Google Photos that lets you scan and save your favourite printed photos using your phone’s camera. It’s simple, fast, effective and free. It could be useful for any research projects that involve collecting and organising old photographs, or just simply to bring back some old family photos back to life.… Continue reading #441 PhotoScan app: Bring your old photos back to life

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#439 Export your Sway

Following on from our previous Sway posts (see Sway), in today’s video we look at exporting Sway to PDF or Word documents. This, in conjunction for being able to create templates, makes Sway an excellent option for people looking for a portfolio or online CV tool for students. One of the most common questions we… Continue reading #439 Export your Sway

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#438 Vysor: To view your phone screen on a PC or Mac

Sometimes you want to demo something from your phone to a wider audience, maybe at a presentation or a demonstration. You may want to do it live or just to record something from your phone to put in a presentation. Vysor is a app in the chrome browser that allows you to do just that… Continue reading #438 Vysor: To view your phone screen on a PC or Mac

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#437 Template your Sway

Building on some of our earlier posts on Sway, Microsoft’s snazzy presentation tool, we are pleased to announce some very useful extra features. In this video we show how you can share a pre-populated Sway template with your students. If you work at Manchester Met, then you and your students all have access to Sway… Continue reading #437 Template your Sway