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#527 Immersive Reader: visual and grammar options [2/2]

In #522, we introduced the immersive reader. In this post we explore this further by looking at the visual and grammar options within the tool. Watch the video to find out more. Featured image: CCO from Pixabay https://pixabay.com/photos/swan-water-swim-head-under-water-4017568/ Advertisements

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#522 Immersive reader: Introduction [1/2]

The immersive reader is a fantastic tool that is available within many of the O365 applications. Great for learners at all levels, it offers a range of features that allow you to engage with the writing of others, or improve your own writing. Watch the video to find out how to access the tool and… Continue reading #522 Immersive reader: Introduction [1/2]

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#496 Add up more than 24 hours in Excel

This top tip helped me recently when adding up the duration of a number of videos for a project. The duration of the videos were in the 24 hour clock format and when I added the duration together the result was not as I expected. The answer was to change the format of the cells… Continue reading #496 Add up more than 24 hours in Excel

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#411 Fun with f2

I am working on a large project at the moment and need to manage a lot of files. One of the keyboard functions that has helped me the most is the f2 key. Instead of right-clicking on a file or folder and selecting Rename or double-clicking on a file or folder at exactly the right… Continue reading #411 Fun with f2

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#402 Muddled data in Excel? Sort it out!

If you are trying to move grades from one spreadsheet to another, or cross reference your data, then it can be a real pain if the data is not sorted in the same way. In this short video we cover how to sort your data alphabetically or by custom fields. Featured image: ” Sorting” by… Continue reading #402 Muddled data in Excel? Sort it out!

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#350 Use SumIF in Excel to add conditions to your additions!

As we’re seen in previous posts on Excel, Excel is full of nifty little tricks to help make our lives much easier. In this post we take a look at the SumIF function. This function enables you to set conditions on what you want to add together. These conditions can come from another cell, for… Continue reading #350 Use SumIF in Excel to add conditions to your additions!

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#322 Use this formula to count filtered data in Excel

We saw in an earlier post just how easy it is to filter data in Excel. Filtering is a great tool, but what if you also want to count your filtered data? This is where this handy formula comes into play… Featured Image: “Counting 2” by The Shopping Sherpa licenced under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0