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#379 Give yourself a Moment’s peace

Although smartphones have revolutionised how we work and socialise, there are times when we all need to unplug. Moment is an iOS app (not currently available for Android), which helps you to manage your screen time. It shows you how much time you are spending on your device, as well as providing tips and tools… Continue reading #379 Give yourself a Moment’s peace

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#377 H5P Documentation Tool [2/3]: Adding the tool to Moodle

The Documentation Tool can be added to your Moodle area using the add a resource function, the tool is part of the H5P suite For an overview on what H5P content is please see post number #172 Featured image: “Document” by faunzy licenced under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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#376 Hemingway Editor: Make your writing bold and clear

The Hemingway Editor is a nifty little web based app (there is also a desktop version too) that can help you or your students with any text-based assignment. You simply copy and paste a passage of text into the web page and the app gives you a score based on the readability of your passage.… Continue reading #376 Hemingway Editor: Make your writing bold and clear

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#375 Tracking student Activity with Moodle Participation report

Sometimes you might want to know the engagement from students about resources and activities within Moodle. This video shows how to do that using the Course participation report. Featured image: “Minature Figures” by WiR_Freebies is licenced under CC0

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#374 Use iOS to magnify your world!

The magnifier is a useful, but slightly hidden, accessibility feature in iOS. Once you have switched the magnifying tool on, you only need a triple click on the home button to launch it. One of the great things about this bit of tech, is that it doesn’t just magnify, but can be used to automatically… Continue reading #374 Use iOS to magnify your world!