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#387 iOS Screen recording with audio

So a while back we posted that you could screen record directly on your iOS device and save the video to your camera roll. Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to voice over screen demos on iOS. Well you can…..long pressing the tile flips up its controls and you can enable audio recording. Photo… Continue reading #387 iOS Screen recording with audio

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#49 Recording videos using your webcam

Ok, so most people, myself included, are not going to relish the idea of recording via webcam, however there are some cases where you might like to do this, for example: You want to record a welcome message to new students – having a friendly face to look at might help ease the nerves You… Continue reading #49 Recording videos using your webcam

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#44 How to upload video files to Moodle

Uploading media to Moodle is really easy to. At MMU we are fortunate to have Kaltura (MMUTube), which is a web based media hosting service.  This means videos that are uploaded to Moodle are secure, private and can be watched by any device with an internet connection. Check out today’s video to see how you… Continue reading #44 How to upload video files to Moodle

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#41 Introduction to screen capture with BB Flashback

At MMU we have BB Flashback installed on all of our university machines. It’s a really powerful tool for making screen recordings, but we’re just going to introduce you to it today. If you don’t work at MMU, you can get a 30 day free trial here.  No audio on this one, so safe to… Continue reading #41 Introduction to screen capture with BB Flashback