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#170 Introduction to Edpuzzle [1/2]: Make video learning active!

Edpuzzle is a free to use web tool that enables you to transform videos into an active learning environment. You can use your own videos, or videos that you have found from another source, like YouTube or Khan Academy.

Edpuzzle gives you the tools to crop the videos down to just the clips you want the students to watch, to add your own audio commentary and notes and also to slip in some questions for the students to answer – a great way to encourage some deeper thinking and to check how they are engaging with the subject.

To use Edpuzzle you will need to sign up for a free teacher account: Ed Puzzle Sign up

The video below shows how to set up your own Ed Puzzle

Have a go at the Edpuzzle I just set up as a student, what do you think?

Featured Image: “Puzzle” by Olga Berrios  licenced under CC BY 2.0

5 thoughts on “#170 Introduction to Edpuzzle [1/2]: Make video learning active!

    1. Hi Stephanie, honest answer is that I’m not sure. I’ve had a quick look over the website and can’t see any licence restrictions but you might want to investigate more thoroughly if you’d like to use for commercial purposes.


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